We went out for teppanyaki the other night to celebrate…errr…I mean…commiserate the departure of BRO-nur to Turkey. It was a great meal, made even better by the variety of nations and languages represented at the table. France, China, Belgium, HK, Turkey – and of course UK! Even our chef (the guy who stands at the table and cooks for you) wanted to join the group….but we politely said no.

有一天,我们去自助烧烤餐厅庆祝…呃…我是说…去为我们的兄弟Onur去土耳其践行。晚餐好极了,外加各种国籍以及语言,让这个晚餐更加棒了。法国,中国,比利时,香港,土耳其- 当然还有英国!甚至我们的厨师(站在我们桌前为你下厨的人)都想加入…可是我们礼貌地拒绝了。


I guess old habits die hard!



  1. 晕,这都被你发现了~

  2. 哈哈,眼真尖~~~~

  3. = =!难道是新纳粹???

  4. Oli, you always let me see a different SH.
    I hope he will want to clean it not to hide it.
    I admit now SH is more dangrous.

  5. huh! see it!

  6. 那个哥哥会是信佛的吧,从这个万字的角度看

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