The names of English pubs have always fascinated me, mainly because of their inappropriate nature. I spent 65% of my life before the age of 18 in my local pub, which was called ‘The Reindeer’. Looking back, this wasn’t perhaps a very relevant name (I certainyl never saw a Reindeer near my house, except around December 24th…).

英国的酒吧的名字一直让我很着迷,主要是因为它们的不恰当。18岁前,我生活的65%的时间都花在了当地的一个叫做‘驯鹿’的酒吧。回头想想,也许这并不是一个非常恰当的名字(我从来没有在我家附近见过驯鹿… 除了12月24日左右…)。

More suitable names could have been ‘The Power Station’, ‘The Dirty Stream’ or maybe even ‘The Dirty Duck’.


One of the most famous pub names is ‘The Dog and Duck’, and I always wondered what possible link these two animals had with each other. It took a trip to Beijing to realise how well these guys get on with each other…


What on earth is that dog thinking?



  1. i guess that dog’s thinking”how tall the guy who’s taking the picture for me is!”

  2. The dog is laughing!lol

  3. The dog thought the duck was mine!~

  4. The dog looks like a father of the duck!!!:)

  5. Maybe the dog think it’s a nice day, and the sunshine makes him feel sleepy.

  6. The daddy dog is taking care of the little duck.
    By the way, your blog is more excellent than before. I like it!

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