Anyone who knows me knows that I love Doraemon. Anyone who has lived or worked with me in the past knows that I love jelly beans. Imagine my excitement when I saw in my local Kedi that these two brilliant things had been combined!



They looked amazing…and were very cheap! Maybe 3rmb (~30p) for a big pot! I was pretty tired and hungry (I was on the way home from work) so I opened up the pot and threw a few into my mouth.


Texture: Great!

Crunch to chewy ratio: Great!

Taste: ….weird

I couldn’t quite put my finger on the taste. I had tried the orange one, but it tasted like…vegetables. Weird vegetables.


In panic, I looked at the pot…


Carrot flavoured gross!

What the hell?! WHY would you do that?! Carrot flavoured jelly beans? Filled with fear, I looked at the red ones…I was hoping…praying…

什么鬼东西?!为什么这样对我?!胡萝卜味的果冻豆?可怕,我看着红色的那瓶…我希望… …祈祷…

Worst. Flavour. Ever.

Oh my god…they did it. Tomato flavour sweets. What sort of sick and twisted mind would do this?


I’ve now come to the conclusion that this is just to make foreigners feel unwelcome in China. I have more proof…from a company that we can usually depend on – Lays (Walkers)

现在我得出的结论是,这是为了让老外感到不受中国欢迎。我还有一些证据…一个我们都知道的公司 – 乐事

It seems that recently Lays have been producing flavours out of dishes that foreigners HATE more than anything else! Check this one out:


Numb and Spicy?!

Although there are some masochists who like their face to be paralysed, I’m pretty sure most Westerners at least try to stay away from that hotpot.


That’s not the worst one though…


Fish head?!

Hot and sour fish’s HEAD! The head is even on the packet! Insane. They did put a hot girl on the packet…


Hot girl?

But they left the big, ugly, dirty, fish head (with eyeballs) there too!


Fish with eyes!

What’s next – Chicken feet flavour?!



  1. wow junk food,my favorite~~what about ‘sweet and sour’?o(∩_∩)o

  2. ever tried green peas ice cream? Even McDonald had green peas pie.

  3. Hey! love your site. I added it to my blogroll on Nile Guide, Shanghai. PS- they had blueberry lays chips…. not bad, tasted exactly like a blue-potatoberry.

    • Thanks! We had a bag of those blueberry crisps in the cupboard for about 4 months. Those and cucumber flavour. Ridonkulous!

  4. Whilest so many westerners accuse us of having weird flavoured foods like carrot flavoured jelly beans, spicy & sour fish flavoured chrisps and green peas ice cream, I had some aniseed flavoured sweets from France today! Yikes!!

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