Chinese cultural society has evolved very quickly over the past twenty years, and people are now being forced to deal with issues that perhaps 20 years ago were not issues.


People are much more liberal than they were in times before, and it shows – on the street, in cafés, in bars…but this also means that there are new problems which have developed, and one of the largest ones is the media portrayal of the female, and how some women – especially young women – are treated like meat.

人们比以前更自由了,这个表现在 – 街上,咖啡馆,酒吧里…但是这也意味着有新的问题产生,其中最大的一个是媒体对女性的写照,以及如何对待女性 – 尤其是年轻妇女 – 男人对她们只有肉欲。




However important that sensitive topic is, something that is much more important that we need to deal with RIGHT NOW is ACTUAL MEAT – so for God’s sake people…get a ROOM! I don’t want to see my pig’s trotter on the street before I stuff it in my mouth!

不管这个敏感的话题有多么的重要,然而现在我们急需处理的更为重要的是这些真正的肉 – 看在上帝的份上…给它们一个房间吧!我不想在街上看到的这些猪蹄,最后进到我的嘴里去!

Vegetarian PLZ

I’m going vegetarian for the next 20 minutes.



  1. 假慈悲
    crocodile tears

  2. :) fun reading your blog. just currently experiencing the same in shanghai. keep it on. also the blog. cheers.

  3. SUPER TOMMY says:

    Hey Oli. Happy Birthday!

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