I went to Paris a couple of weeks ago, and found out some very troubling news about Shanghai’s Expo mascot – Haibao.

几个星期前我去了次巴黎, 发现了一些令人烦恼的新闻是关于上海世博会吉祥物—海宝的。

He has been kidnapped!


I managed to take a photo of the victim, who was in a shop in the Eurostar terminal…being forced to wear disgusting French clothes!

我拍下了受害者在Eurostar terminal店里的照片……他被迫穿上了难看的法国衣服!

…but what I can’t understand is…why doesn’t he look unhappy?!



  1. He’s become one of them! One of them!

  2. Happy Teacher’s Day,Oli!
    Even you are not a teacher any longer~

  3. this is haibao’s young babies, hahah~~
    Happy teachers’ Day~

  4. Are you sure these are Haibao in French clothing? They don’t look remotely close to their Shanghai counterparts.. oh maybe. they both got that signature expo smiles – innocent/ happy/ brainless

  5. er..i think they stand for Eiffel Tower actually.

  6. hahahh…i saw them a few weeks ago in Paris as well, didnt realize they were actually HaiBao being kidnapped!!!Damn…

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