As soon as I stepped off the plane in Hong Kong this summer, I realised why everyone always talks about HK girls and their fashion sense…


…they really are ahead of their time!



  1. How is HK girl?

  2. i want to go to hk
    to experience a different surroundings

  3. i guess you have a lot in common with HK girls…
    i remember that you have a frog pillow,right?

  4. lol….frog….I visited HK a fews yrs ago, i just thought HK girls were a bit too small (the guys were the same)

    • I really think HK females (not just girls, but the older generation too) are the smallest (height-wise) I’ve ever seen. I think it’s some sort of evolutionary step to deal with the lack of space there…

  5. Speaking of the pillow, he used to laid on Mac’s chair, but lately he disappeared. I’m afraid he’s been murdered!!! Sorry about that!

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