This new supermarket chain could become the biggest brand name in China – or even the world!


I’m not 100% sure whether this is an official endorsement, but it definitely looks like a shop you can trust!



  1. haha maybe it’s a Sino-US joint venture

  2. Oh. Ciro’s Plaza, Oli.
    But I’m afraid I don’t agree with you. As Shanghainese do not care about politics. And Raffles City is not far away~
    If people don’t mind the qulity, they can also go to 580 W. Nanjing Road.

  3. 没必要非起这么一个名字

  4. LOL

    This makes the KIRFers into a whole new level.

  5. 要是不是总统这店名也可以哈。

  6. 哈哈,Obama下岗了可以来中国接着经营他的超市

  7. 名气的确不小,前段时间坐车路过北京百荣世贸,我也看一个广告。品牌以前没听过,但模特挺牛气!一位与奥巴马长的似像非像的人……

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