When I went to Hong Kong this summer, I bought my ticket through Ctrip (Chinese version). I only found out recently that the Chinese and English language versions were not 100% the same – and the ‘local’ version offers some really good deals that you don’t seem to be ablr to buy on the English. FOREIGNER DISCRIMINATION! I’m upset…

今年夏天我去香港的时候,我在携程网(中文版)上买的票。我才发现原来中文和英文版本不是100%一样的 – ‘本地’版提供了一些非常核算的产品,可是你在英语版上是买不到的。西人歧视!我很不高兴…

So anyway I bought a ‘package deal’ on the site, which means flights, hotel, mobile sim card, subway card, airport transfer etc are all included in the price, which in this case was something like 2800rmb (2 nights).


I chose the cheapest hotel from the choices I was given, and I got very lucky, because it was fantastic! (It was called L’Hotel Nina).

我选了套餐里面最便宜的一个酒店,我觉得我非常幸运,因为它太棒了! (它叫如心海景酒店)。

Huge windows! Great view!


The only downside was that they didn’t seem extremely organized in the morning when people were arriving (the rooms weren’t emptied yet, so people had to wait). I didn’t mind too much, because I just went to a coffee shop.


I could have gone to a restaurant inside the hotel, but it seemed to be aimed at mainlanders…


Question: R U CHINESE?





  1. 呵呵,我觉得你有误解,那只是告诉你那是中餐厅,但没说只能中国人吃:)

  2. Hi ,Man! i saw your blogs , most of your words are reasonable!
    but you misunderstood sth , as R U chinese ? you wont got the points , its a Chinese restaurant ,named RU ,in Chinese ,they have a lot of meaning ,as graceful ,perfect etc , not short named ARE YOU CHINESE RESTAURANT , not Chinese only , haha ,not discrimination!

  3. Hi there,

    A note on Ctrip: The English site is catching up to the Chinese site in its ability to offer the kind of deals you mention. It’s not “descrimination,” it’s just a byproduct of the fact that the company (disclaimer: I work with them on their Ctrip-sponsored China Travel Blog) has been serving a huge number of Chinese customers and a proportionately tiny number of foreign customers over the past 10 years.

    Now they’re working hard on bringing over everything offered on the Chinese site to the English site. Here’s an example: They developed a Chinese mobile app for iPhones, available now. But there’s a development lag in getting it into English. Anyway, it’s merely the nature of the business–it takes time to bring functionality over from the Chinese site to the English one, and resources are limited.

    Great site, by the way! We’ll add you to the China Travel Blog’s blog roll…



  4. hi, oli. you are sense of humor as usual as you can. i’m so glad that you ‘d like make people laughing. sometimes we are not really humor but so serious. and it’s happy to read your blog.

  5. lol, ‘RU Chinese Restaurant’ does not means ‘Are you Chinese Restaurant’. ‘RU’ is a name.

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