With tensions between North and South Korea rising, my buddy at LengXiaoHua has sent a message which puts into words what the majority of people are thinking…


Make love not war

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  1. hahahaa, the whole world belong to china!

  2. The First Blood or the last blood?
    Like a Chinese saying “to cook beans over a fire lighted by bean stems” —I believe there is an equivalent English idiom but it just escaped from me…any clue?

  3. haha…me too, sort of, I had a lot of canned beans when I was in England, I love it

  4. Hi, Oli,I heard of you and your blog from a mutual friend quite a long while ago, and today I accidentally bumped into your blog so I am pretty new here. If I wrote back to Feedburner…would it be you that were to read my email? Thanks.

  5. Whole world will belong to china!

  6. funny~ this is my first time to visit ur blog, very impressive. do u prefer write everything in Chinese and English??

  7. Got your email alert again. This is the most funny picture I have ever seen on your site. Good job! By the way, I have two question, what do you call “lengxiaohua(冷笑话)” in English? The song they are singing does not exist, right?

  8. is it somewhere close to “black humour”?

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