As my lovely girlfriend is often reminding me, my Dad (probably 70 years older than me and 1/4 as wise) is a MUCH better photographer than me.


With that in mind, here’s some photos of the crazy landscape at my old house in England today!


Snowy Bushes

TRAP for Santa!

Snowy Trees

Snowy Rooftops

Snowy field

I hope they’re wearing their wooly underwear!



  1. check out the thickness of the cable to the satellite dish.(pic 4) Should get some good programmes down that. Your girlfriend is clearly very wise.

  2. Looks like your Dad took those photos from the roof. Given his age do you still think its wise for him to be dressing like Santa …. ?

  3. I thought I was your girlfriend…?!

  4. lots of snow indeed…and good shots, wondering which part of UK it is…

  5. so beautiful ~I’ve never seen snow :(

  6. Thanks. Notthinghamshire—sounds very English ;)! I have a friend from Yorkshire. We worked together for one year.

  7. 哈哈,我看了那个视频。It’s cool…

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