I just found out that my dear cousin Alice and her husband James are stuck in the freezing UK and can’t fly away to the sun (they have tickets for the next Ashes cricket test match in Australia)! When I heard that a lot of flights from the UK had been delayed I didn’t think at all that they would affect anyone I knew…the only thing I could think of was snow! Snow! SNOW!


It is the British way to wish for a white Christmas, and then complain when it happens. I would never wish for a cold Christmas, because I know what can happen…you wake up in your cold bed…you can see your own breath in the air…you put on your cold slippers…walk to your cold bathroom…


…give me sun every time!



  1. This is know as a chilly stool. Could you pop a nug in this icy dug?

  2. is that a ice sculpture of a toilet, huh?
    i wanna have a toilet like that so cool!!

  3. nice pics~~~

  4. 双语啊,方便学英语 ^^

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