Good news and bad news from Shanghai.


Remember the campaign to stop people peeing on the floor in front of the toilets in public bathrooms? Well it hasn’t been going well. (Bathroom Tips)

还记得那个在公共厕所里提醒男人们不要尿在地上的标语吗?那个东西没什么用。 (厕所里的小贴士)

One company shared its experience of the problem, as well as how it managed to fix it once and for all!


Good advice!

Basically it says: We used the 10 character sign (which said Please Aim Carefully), but there were still puddles of pee everywhere.


Then we changed it to an 8 character sign, and there was no more pee!


What did the new sign say?


“Pissing on the floor means you’re short”.



  1. Geilivable! I never piss on the floor. LOL

  2. yeah there’s one in a restaurant I go to in Nanjing a lot that says something like (let’s see if I can remember clearly…)
    (“Pissing outside the urinal means you’re short; droplets on the floor means you’re soft”)

    frankly I thought it was a little harsh, but there you go….

    • Haha awesome! Different things motivate different people – now if we can just put some signs up that say “Spitting makes you infertile” or similar…

  3. I saw your website. Finally someone has noticed. China does not exist! You an only reach it by plane or after having been disoriented by spending days on end on a train with nothing but trees passing your window. Why are there 1,5 billion Chinese? So nobody will ever bother to count them, smart move. Ask two Chinese people to speak Chinese and they will always say:”Yes, but he speaks Kantonese, I speak Shanghai chinese etc etc. Who denies the power of China? The wise Dalai Lama!. What is the highlight of every trip to Beijing? The forbidden city which you are not allowed to see…. And most interesting of all: what is the name of the wisest man ever to have lived in China? Yes: ” Confusi-us” We are on to them.

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