The team decide internet marketing and social media are just a fad, and look to promote Blogstar.TV the old fashioned way – leading them across Shanghai and getting them a little bit too close to some of the locals.


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  1. Really want one of those cards made with Paint…

    Sorry that I couldn’t figure out what’s being sung in the background music…

  2. 拜年了,祝您新年快乐,万事如意。

  3. 找回传统的人与人交心的乐趣。

  4. Traditional Chinese food in Hooters?

    some clips in it are really funny, I saw the little baby holding your business card with confusing look on his face hahah

    This show is like the shows our company had casted before, Xia xue from blogspot did it with us..

    anyway, I love it so much, next time you may want to distribute it here in Beijing~ I’d like to help..

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