Tesco’s rapid expansion in China really impressed me. Not just because they invested huge amounts of money in building big, clean supermarkets, but also because of the little things.


Their translations were one of the things that you could always depend on. All of their ‘own brand’ products would be identical to what you’d see back in the UK, even down to the signs on the walls (‘Helping you spend less every day’ etc).


But that’s all changed. After a recent trip, I was traumatised to see that Tesco has been cutting corners – and it looks like their translator (or proofreader) was the first to get the chop.


Case #1: Sweatband (for the head) 防汗带(用于头)


This isn’t a Tesco branded product, but come on! How can you DISLOCATE your hair?!? I can only imagine that happening if you lose your wig…


Case #2: Dried Fruit 干果

Suck on my satly peach slices

I never expected to see such a horror show on a Tesco branded product. Despicable! But worse was to come…


Case #3: The Bookshelf 书架

Aw gawd

In the reading section no less….

Comperhensive education?



  1. do you know it’s funny, I have just been asigned a class assignment to do an industry based analysis of a Irish/ UK company who has recently expanded to Asia, I think Tesco might be a good choice! I was there about a year ago (I was in Nanjing…) I don’t remember seeing any Tesco’s. Do you know when they set up there first store there?

    Also the translations are quite funny lol!

  2. 四喜丸子 says:


  3. Hilarious, thanks for sharing!

  4. I came here by chong4`s recommendation; I like your site very much. In here, I can enjoy many funny things,meanwhile,I can study original english from the articles.I have a personal suggestion but may represent many person`s voice,could you pls let us know the correct translations while you pointed out the wrong one ? Thank you so much.

  5. 你或许可以顺便想象一下某些超市是怎么翻译“一次性用品”的。

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