I love going to the gym. I go six days a week…not because I’m good at exercising (or because I try very hard), but because I feel like if I hang around with fit people long enough, by some magical sweat-based osmosis I might get fit too!


It’s not working very well yet, but these things need time.


While I wait, I have noticed a couple of fantastic classes that the gym has introduced. I’m really looking forward to signing up…


Class schedule!
Here’s the schedule…


Sign me up!

Anyone want to try with me?



  1. ooooo, I bet that hurts!

  2. I think you’ll be by yourself on that one… ;-)

  3. popo (grandma) teaching salsa and all the nice stuff!!!

  4. I visited Shanghai last summer, and I loved it. While we were there, we set off fireworks in the middle of the Financial District, it was soooo much fun! The vid is on YouTube, I’ll link it here so you can see it. It’s amazing what you can do over there that you wouldn’t get away with anywhere else in the world! We had a great time :)


  5. Also, “barbells fuck” sounds awful. I’ll pass on that one.

  6. And this is why chinese need to improve their english, or better let them continue making this funny errors.

  7. ..that’s is funny! :D its actually fun to see and read these spelling mistake…not good of me, my spelling/english is not that good either :P

    and thanks for the info on McD & KFC delivery!

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