It seemed like summer had come early earlier this week! The weather was wonderful, so I headed out to Jing’an Sculpture Park for a summer stroll!


Jing'an Sculpture Park

One of the great things about summer is sunbathing, and it wasn’t long until I’d found my first example of it…look at this little guy!


Hot cat!

As I continued walking, I noticed a group of foreigners who had commandeered part of the grass in the park. “Bravo!” I thought.

然后我继续走,我看到几个老外躺在公园的草地上。“太棒了!” 我想。


As I got closer, I suddenly lost my appetite for summer…


Butt cleavage on a man is a no-no.

Guys! You’re doing it wrong!



  1. 这可是有伤风化咯

  2. It makes you wonder what he has in mind if he’s needing to tan his butt.

  3. Dunno why my comment on your previous entry didnt show up. Anyway, it has great fun to read your blogs here and I do like the last pic, or what you think it’s the right thing to do in the sunlight?

  4. Did you insert a coin and make a wish?
    May your dream come true! Ha ha… ;)

  5. hahahahahahahaha….
    what kind of tradition is it that put a coin there????

  6. lovely kitty……

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