Tabasco sauce is for scale

Big boy front view

Piggy front view

Back view

Here’s a clue:


This one is cheating a bit...

So…how much?!


  1. I think 2000rmb!

  2. xiyangyang says:

    Small one=100rmb
    Big one-500rmb

  3. bombayduck says:

    the total sum 600RMB

  4. i don’t think there is that much, top 400 rmb ~ or maybe only 300 :D

  5. The maximum is 400..

  6. You can save them into bank, and the bank clerk will help you to count.

  7. 哈哈~我知道!766.4人民币~答对了有奖品吗?嘿嘿

  8. BTW~博主的储钱罐不错啊

  9. 储钱罐是亮点~

  10. 458yuan~~haha

  11. Two friends, they are couple. The boy said that he would marry the girl when he save up to 1000 1RMB coins. Then, they got married only after half years.

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