Ok, I have to admit that it did take me about four days to count the money…it’s not easy to pick up stacks of 10 mao coins with my fat sausage fingers.


Treasure map!

Looking at the guesses in the comments from the first post, I realised that a lot of people underestimated the amount. On a psychological level, this is probably a good thing for you, as it means you will always be pleasantly surprised with what life brings you. All except for Lili, that is…you are probably heading for a horrific disappointment in your near future.


Terracotta Cash Money Warriors

So here are the totals…get your calculator out!

Show me the money!

1mao = 644 coins = 64.4rmb

5mao = 164 = 82rmb

1rmb coins = 558 = 558rmb

A grand total of 704.4rmb! Add that to the notes which were also in there (I know, that’s cheating a bit) and the total is 766.4rmb!

The question now is…what should I spend it on?


  1. 确实是一笔可观的财富啊!恭喜博主啊!博主可以拿去做慈善事业啊

  2. Awwwwwwww, it surprises me a bit…Good effort tho.
    You could hand it to a bank clerk and make her frown, but you’ll get the paper money finally.

  3. many a nickle makes a mickle

  4. in this case, it’s 766.4 yuan (actually its an old english proverb, also “Many a little makes a mickle.” —you know that, right?)

  5. ha-ha, you can take the moeny to buy anything, of course, everybody will be surprised.

  6. You should take a bag not a wallet…….

  7. You shoud spend these money on Money…give me..

  8. 哇哦··一大笔财富呀~~

  9. ditto … You are so rich that no a place to spend money, :D

  10. 1 rmb coins can be used in a coach or subway and the other ones can be helpful for paupers~

  11. Any idea what the coined RMB is made of? Have you heard of penny hoarding in the US? Supposedly, pennies from back in the days were made from partial bronze which is actually now worth more than the penny itself. I think 1 penny is worth around double if sold as bronze. Maybe you’ve found yourself a goldmine of precious metals!!

  12. yeah, a lot of youbing s/baozi s

  13. 超市一般比较缺零钱,会很乐意和你交换,有部分超市换完之后还会送你点饮料。

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