Jing'an Sculpture Park

When the weather’s nice, there’s nowhere better to go than the park! The Jing’an Sclupture Park is one of my favourite places to go (near to my house), for many reasons.


The first thing I like about the park is obvious…the sculptures! They would fit in well in any modern art museum!


Check out this basketball sculpture:


Jing'an Sculpture Park basketball thing

And this big metal thingy:


Jing'an Sculpture Park metal thing

There is a really nice stream/pond/fountain thingy:


Jing'an Sculpture Park water feature

And where else would lovers go on a sunny day than to the park! I saw my first pair today and they looked very….happy.


Jing'an Sculpture Park lovers!

Walking around a bit more, I was treated to my second dose of naked bum in the park…and this time it was a girl! Finally!


Jing'an Sculpture Park half moon

These public displays of affections are very ‘new’ in Chinese society, and so some people don’t know how to react when they see it. You can tell that this couple were shocked by what they saw:


Jing'an Sculpture Park shocked statues

Or they were upset that they didn’t bring their camera :)

或者说他们不高兴了,因为他们没有带照相机。 :)


  1. OMG what are they doing???

  2. I’d say you r a excellent detective…

  3. It’s really very common in China…

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