Since I haven’t posted here in about 36821 days, people have messaged me asking why I am so lazy. I’m not lazy! I’ve just been distracted.

Long road buddy

I started a summer project of building a house in France (Google: Build a house with me), however that seems to have extended from ‘summer’ to ‘the next 10 years’. I had no idea that it would take quite this long (after having lived in China where they build hotels in 2 days).

I’ve also been writing on and editing financial news on Every day! Well, most days…

Don’t worry, none of this is actual work.

In the next few days I’m going to try to fill in some of the blanks with photos from summer from my Instagram and other places. Yeah!

Oh…and this has been my house for the last 6 months. Don’t hate the playa, hate the game.

plaza del playa


  1. Seriously, what’s this project? Really a game? I googled and found the website, still not sure what that is… What’s that bus in the picture? is it existing in the real life that you decorated with your hands??

  2. Oli,

    Seriously, is this the kind of house that my frined Thomas has been talking about which is called the Earthship? He is so fascinated that he dreams of one day building one all by himself. He showed me a lot of documentries about building an earthship in the desert so that he gets me fascinated too. He also talks all the time about the fruit forest. I’ll forward to him the link to your blog, maybe we could meet in Shanghai sometime!

    I visited your blog before and left a couple of comments. Its nice to see you again here! I was wondering where you had been hiding yourself :).

    My friend Jake used to write for your blog. I heard about you quite a while ago…


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