Since I’ve been in France, I’ve started eating a lot more beef.

There is something very traditional about living in the countryside and eating farm-fresh meat, however I had previously never felt the urge.

Now, however, it seems that I’ve turned into some sort of wild animal.

A week ago I had a pretty MAN-SIZED steak, cooked medium…


Then a couple of days later I decided to try (for the first time in my life) rare beef…

Rare steakkkk

And last night I hit a new life-milestone. Raw beef (boeuf tartare), which I previously thought was some sort of myth.

Did someone forget to turn the oven on?

Do you know why it looks like burger-mix? Because it IS burger mix.

Fry on both sides for 4 minutes, serve...a

Anyway, I ate it. It was OK, nothing special. I won’t order it again (not with steak on the menu, anyway).

Luckily, I still haven’t hit the lows of the rest of my family…



  1. Good to hear you haven’t hit the lows of the family, but you still need to try the all new famous Cow Club Steak….

    CowClub comming to a town near you


  2. Oli~ How long is your hair now? :D r u still using weibo? JudyZhu ~Esther~Chloe~Stephy~ hahaha~ we all miss u so much!!

  3. Can’t find u in pics… u hide so deep lar~ It will be a nice house though! :) abt ur weibo=> ID: djod ~ weibo is more popular than one year b4 lar~ Cya there so we can catch u up! haha~ Ciao! :)

  4. China Travel says:

    What’s that in the last picture? Is it a mouse? So sacary!

  5. The meet looks GREAT!

  6. AH!!!!!!!!!!!!HELP my family!!!!!

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