Some people emailed me recently asking what I do. I have no good answer for this, so let’s just say that I dig holes and move the turf to other places. Today I did that, for five hours NON STOP. That’s a lot of turf.

The good news is that in future I’ll be able to use the new hole for a chili pepper garden! Sweet! Or spicy. If you want to learn about how to grow chili peppers then you can look here! Hot!

Here are some pics:

So after the soil and grass was dug up it was moved to here:

That’s unholey! What turf!


  1. Oliver, WHERE are you moving all this dirt around?? And do you get to Paris ever? Look me up! Hope all is happiness wherever you are…

    • Haha wow are you stalking me?! Or did I stalk you to France?! I’m definitely up for a meetup in Paris, I’m near Le Mans right now, digging and moving…

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