I had a big delivery of plasterboards at my house this morning, around 10am. Plasterboards are the material that walls are made out of, and unfortunately we had to move more than 100 of them up into the barn where I am building a house (if you want to see more of it, have a look at BuildAHouseWithMe.com).

The whole place looks pretty full now (a mess), but I have enough materials for the next four months of building (AT LEAST).

So anyway it took about 6 hours to shift them, and it would have been a lot longer if there wasn’t an EXPERT TRACTOR DRIVER on hand to help:

Just as we were moving the final few boards, I noticed that each had a time and date written on them, saying when they were produced in the factory:

Amazingly, they were made at 4:53am on the 11th January…just two days ago!

The only question I have is how did they manage to ship them from China so quickly?!

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  1. so lovely you are , your childish disposition remains

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