Many people think living in the French countryside is boring…but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Last Sunday an old man drove down the lane and tried to sell me some oak furniture from the back of his van (I’m pretty sure he took a wrong turn somewhere), and yesterday – there was a bee invasion!

I first noticed a humming noise around 2pm yesterday, but put it down to the three or four bees which were stuck in the living room window. I even videoed them fighting each other:

I’m sorry if the video is a little boring…but have you ever really looked at bees fighting? HAVE YOU?

Anyway…It sounded like there was a helicopter slowly taking off in the attic of the house…so I ventured upstairs. Te window on the stairs showed what to expect up there:

Window watchers

I figured out quickly that the little buggers were congregating around the chimney…because one of them flew out of the fireplace and was covered in soot:

Sooty in his early career

So it was time to smoke them out. I lit a big fire (sorry RSPCA/PETA) and then filmed their reaction.

They left (another AMAZING video!).

The final step was to clear out any of them which had struck camp in the house. I found the biggest group hanging around a window…

Approaching the window...

They love it

And then opened it and gently encouraged them to leave (smacked them wth a stick).

Open sesame

Mission accomplished! Here’s a clean one, close up:

Clean bee

Now the crisis is over, back to work…


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