There’s a huge typhoon (Typhoon Haikui) currently blasting Shanghai, with huge amounts of rain and crazy strong winds battering homes and offices across the city.

巨大的台风(海葵) 正在上海肆虐.大量降雨和狂风已经疯狂破坏了很多家庭以及市区办公场所.

There don’t seem to be a lot of pictures in the UK media right now, so I thought I’d trawl Weibo (a Chinese socia network similar Twitter) and share some snaps.

现在英国媒体似乎还没有很多图片报道, 我通过weibo (中国的twitter) 在此分享一些图片.

Of course, I hope everyone is OK…and that the typhoon blows over soon!

我希望大家能平安… 台风可以迅速离开!

Hongkou District

The Bund

Firemen save an air-conditioner

Taxi request outfit (It says TAXI!!!)

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