If you know me you know I’m always online, and one question I’ve been asked a lot latey is how to do Facebook emoticons in comments. Well don’t worry, I have done the research and can now present you with a full list of all of the smileys for Facebook comments that you can now add, including some hidden emoticons or secret smileys which you may not have seen before.

For the last four years, ever since Facebook chat was introduced, we have been able to insert a load of different smiley faces and symbols into our chats with special codes – but many people also wanted to add emoticons to comments on people’s walls or photos as well as in chat. Now you can – and the good news is that the method is similar to how you did it before.

How to do Facebook emoticons in comments

Now, however, you need the codes to add these smileys to your comments – so here they are! If you find this list useful, please like this site on Facebook and I’ll let you know when there are even more new Facebook emoticons for chat and for comments released!

Facebook emoticon for smile!
Happy emote: :) or :-)

Facebook smiley for a big smile!
Really happy emote: :D or :-D

Facebook smilie for wink!
Wink emote: ;) or ;-)

Facebook chat emote for happy eyes!
Happy emote: ^_^

Facebook chat emoticon for laughing eyes!
Laughing eyes: >:o

Facebook sad smiley for comments!
Sad: :( or :-(

FB smilie for crying!
Crying emote: :'(

Facebook shocked symbol!
Shocked emote: :o or :-o

Facebook smiliefor cat smile!
Cat smile: :3

Grumpy FB chat emote!
Grumpy: >:-(

Facebook emoticon for cool!
Glasses emote: 8) or 8-)

Facebook chat emote for WOOT?!
Woot?!: O.o

Facebook ummmm!
Dork emote: -_-

Facebook emoticon not amused!
Duhhh emote: :/ or :\

FB chat emote for cool!
Cool shades: 8-|

Facebook symbol tongue out!
Rude: :p or :-p

Facebook emote for a kiss!
Kiss emote: :-* or :*

Facebook smilie for a love heart!
Love emote: <3

Facebook symbol for Pacman!
Pacman: :v

Facebook chat emote for Devil!
Devil emote: 3:)

Facebook comments emoticon for angel!
Angel emote: O:)

facebook thumbs up emoticon
Thumbs Up emoticon: (y)

Facebook chat smile for robot!
Robot: :|]

Facebook symbol for weird guy\'s face!
Weird guy’s face: :putnam:

new facebook shark emoticon
Shark emoticon: (^^^)

new facebook penguin emoticon
Penguin emoticon: <(")

new facebook 42 emoticon
42 Red emoticon: :42:

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