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November 22, 2001 at 9:25 pm

So it’s still Ramadan but I have encountered a new problem…well two problems, one old and one new.The old one is that I find it […]

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Ho ho ho

November 22, 2001 at 9:24 pm

Here’s the funny stuff that you all come here for: 16 Nov, Fri, 20:33:05 Google: superted pics 17 Nov, Sat, 01:52:36 Yahoo: www.wwf sunny nude […]

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November 16, 2001 at 9:27 pm

Yo today is the first day of Ramadan! I hope everyone who’s participating hasn’t been tempted by a cup of tea and a sandwich yet…but […]

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Today’s Google Link

November 16, 2001 at 9:26 pm

15 Nov, Thu, 19:31:20 Google: russian pub women nude Sends ’em straight to my door!

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Browser Stats

November 12, 2001 at 9:32 pm

Yo Yo Yo my main (irish) man Seamus liked the Geobrowser stats so much I decided to update them for today! .net Network 82 32.66% […]

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Search Stuff

November 12, 2001 at 9:31 pm

If you click on the little graphic in my menu bar on the LEFT of the screen you too can look at the interesting routes […]

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This Week

November 12, 2001 at 9:28 pm

Yeah so I haven’t logged since Tuesday, that’s odd…This is what’s been going down… So on Tuesday night the Swedish party was really cool, lots […]

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God Bless France

November 6, 2001 at 9:33 pm

So tonight I’m djing the SWEDISH party at the bar…could life be any better? Well yes, actually, but only if I had pulled the French […]

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November 2, 2001 at 9:34 pm

Ok tonight I’m going to the hip-hop night at this cool bar in town again (I’ve been there the last 2 weeks) and I have […]

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Not All Bad

October 23, 2001 at 8:06 pm

Well the French aren’t all bad after all…today there were no classes because everybody in the Uni went on strike. Why? Was it the Afghan […]

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About Last Night

October 19, 2001 at 9:09 pm

Well Mr DJ.. Yeah I did feel like a little bit of a dickhead when I opened my bag to find the WRONG BOX OF […]

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How Annoying

October 18, 2001 at 9:10 pm

This is so annoying…See I have to buy these little top up shits for my electricity to continue to function, but as I am me […]

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DJOD Back In The Place

October 12, 2001 at 9:11 pm

Yeah well I don’t like to brag HAHAHAHAHA YEAH RIGHT so I’ve got a job…DJing in a bar. So it’s not somewhere that’ll be listed […]

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My Peoples

October 9, 2001 at 9:13 pm

Domains / Countries .net Network 32 35.95% .uk United Kingdom 25 28.08% .com US Commercial 12 13.48% Unknown 7 7.86% .fr France 5 5.61% .my […]

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The Life

October 9, 2001 at 9:12 pm

Well lectures started yesterday – quite apt considering the bombing started as well…sort of like how my mind is feeling after a week of straight […]

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Where I am

October 4, 2001 at 9:16 pm

Yo i’m fishin’!!! Check it out here (Sorry…Bad Joke)Yeah this cyber-caf� is really nice…maybe not somewhere to take over the entire world, but this r�gion […]

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