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NCAA Basketball 2007/08 Superstarssports

NCAA Basketball 2007/08 Superstars

November 10, 2007 at 11:14 pm

watching ESPN’s College Gameday preview show for the 2007/08 basketball season, three freshmen players were highlighted as potential superstars. The three players have all been given their own labels – the new Kobe, the new D-Wade….even the new Jordan. Let’s see what all the fuss is about…

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January 14, 2003 at 4:08 am

So I just got home, it’s about 4am, and the door to one of my flatmate’s room is open. Strange. Then I hear ‘See you […]

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January 13, 2003 at 3:38 pm

‘I feel like shit and look like plastic’ – hmmm Middleman? Had a long coffee with Hayuna today, really really nice to see her, not […]

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Have an affair, act like an adult for once

December 18, 2002 at 1:52 am

Had a good chat with an old friend (flame ;) ) tonight…was real nice to catch up…I wonder if I will ever be able to […]

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Not Impressed

December 18, 2002 at 1:33 am

Sometimes I am stupid. Today is a good example. SO I go along to play basketball at 3 o’clock after waking up especially…nobody there. Actually […]

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December 16, 2002 at 9:59 pm

So last night I tried to add an entry to Oliworld and was *rejected*…some problem with or something I don’t know but anyway that […]

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December 10, 2002 at 6:51 pm

Aaaagh we played ball today which was a welcome break from doing nothing, and as usual it was me v J so it was a […]

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Ming Dynasty

December 10, 2002 at 2:43 pm

Fuck didn’t sleep till 5am, woke up 1.30pm again (something must happen at this time every day to wake me up…) and had already missed […]

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